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New Year’s necklace – FREE crochet pattern

Please share with your friends! Thank you!

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It’s the most magical time of the year and we wish you a fantastic holiday season full of beautiful creations and joyful moments! And here is our little present for you – New Year’s necklace! Grab some thin yarn and small hook and treat yourself and your friends with this amazing little present.

This crochet pattern was written a while ago for our green necklace with metal button. All photos were taken in the evening, because that necklace was given away right after completion.  

This time we followed the same crochet photo-tutorial for the green necklace and created such a new crochet necklace with 6 pearls. We are sure there are lots of other ways to decorate this delicate necklace and hope to see your new creations soon!


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The green necklace was made with two strands of cotton thread DMC number 20. You can either crochet this project with two strands of cotton thread number 20 or with one strand of cotton thread number 10:

Cotton thread number 10 (in one strand): take 5 grams = 30 yards of cotton approx. 550-600 m/100 gr (600-660 yds/3.5 oz). Examples: DMC size 10, Aunt Lydias size 10. Beautiful results come with microfiber

Cotton thread number 20 (in two strands): take 5 grams = 60 yards of cotton approx. 750-800 m in 100 gr (820-880 yds in 3.5 oz). Examples: DMC Cébélia cotton size 20, Aunt Lydias size 20.

Steel crochet hook 1.5 mm (gauge is not critical for this project, see that you love the result with the chosen hook and if you crochet very loose take a smaller hook).

Metal fastener (or sew one small button on one edge and make buttonhole for it).

Tapestry needle (needle with a big hole).

Decorations (optional): One metal button (diameter 15 mm/0.6’’) with big holes. If you cannot find such sew any button to the completed necklace, or sew 6 beads or pearls (diameter 7 mm/0.3’’) as shown above.


Abbreviations used (in US terms): sc – single crochet, st(s) – stitch (es), R. – row, ch – chain (s).


Crochet Necklace

Length:  49 cm (19.3’’) around neckline.

Pass through 1 metal button (if you are going to decorate this necklace with it) – use a needle or just insert the thread through the holes.

  • If you plan to add 6 beads or other decorations – you will sew them when the neckline is finished.

Then chain 120; this foundation chain should be long enough to put around your neck at level where you wish to wear this necklace, your first chain should reach the last chain.

If you have a metal fastener attach it to last chain, then turn to crochet rows of sc-sts:

R.1: 1 sc in 2nd ch from the hook (metal fastener will be fixed with this sc), work 1 sc in each chain. This R. will be the upper R. of the necklace. If you have a metal fastener attach it to last ch on this side, then turn and work next R. across another side of foundation chain.

R.2: 1 sc in every foundation ch, turn.

R.3: 1 sc in each of 50 sc of R.2 (you will have 10 sc up to centre of the necklace), chain 15 (will be new “panel”), turn.

R.4: 1 sc in 2nd ch from the hook (work across “inner” side of 15-ch-panel that is closer to R.2 – you are going to continue crocheting across R.2 afterwards), 1 sc in each of next 13 ch, 1 sc in 1 st in the corner between the 15-ch-piece and the main part, 1 sc in next sc of R.2, 1 slip st in next sc, turn.

R.5: work 1 sc in each of last 16 sc of R.4 (up to the end of new panel).

If you use 1 metal button: place the button through this panel now, skip 9 sc of R.2 R, work 1 sc in next sc (this st is right in the centre of the necklace).

If you have beads: mark this place in the panel, you will sew decorations at a later stage (when the necklace is finished). Now skip 9 sc of R.2, work 1 sc in next sc (this st is right in the centre of the necklace – see photo with metal button above).

R.6: 1 sc in each of 5 sc of R.2 (toward the end of the necklace), turn.

R.7: 1 sc in each of 5 sc of 6th R, 1 sc in next st (= this st belongs to the new panel, turn.

R.8: 1 ch, 1 sc in each of 5 sc of R.7, 1 sc in each of 10 sc of R.2 (toward the end of the necklace), turn.

R.9: chain 15, skip 10 sc of R.8, work 1 sc in next sc, 1 sc in each of next 6 sc (toward the button or marked place), turn.

R.10: chain 7, skip 5 sc of R.9, work 1 sc in next sc, continue working across 15 ch of R.9: work 1 sc in each ch, then 1 sc in 1 sc of R.2, 1 slip st in next sc of R.2, 1 sc in each sc of R.2 (up to the end of the necklace), turn.

R.12: work reversed sc-sts (“crab sts” from left to right) across all sts of R.11 up to fastener, cut and fasten off.

Free youtube tutorials for crab stitch: crab+stitch+crochet

Optionally: you may crochet crab sts across the upper R. (all around this neckline).


Please Share With Your Friends. Thank You!
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