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LOW waist, NATURAL waist, HIGH waist skirts – what’s the difference?

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Skirts are designed to be worn at LOW waist, NATURAL waist and HIGH waist. Why it’s important to draw your attention to the fact that many handmade crochet/knit skirts are designed for wearing at LOW waist?

First of all, let’s find out where your natural WAIST is: 
put your left hand on your hip and bend your upper body left, keeping your torso in a straight plane. Where your torso bends is where your waist is.

Your waist is not necessarily the narrowest part of you, but it’s somewhere near your belly button – between your belly button and your lower ribs. Some women have their narrowest part just under their bust. Yes, we all differ in our appearance and the best thing that we can always adjust our handmade garments to our shapes and liking!

In this video you see that I bend almost where my crop top ends. Thus, this crochet skirt is not on my natural waist:


✅ The low waist is usually wider than the normal waist and the majority of crochet/knit skirts do not have a zipper – they are worn with a belt, draw strings. Or an elastic ribbon is attached to the upper edge of your skirt.

As in this beautiful skirt finished by Jordan using Light Alpaca by La Brebis; pattern BOHEMIAN Crochet Skirt

Stunning, right? Please do congratulate Jordan on finishing her masterpiece:


✅ If you are used to wearing skirts at your NATURAL waist, you will need to add more rows (at least 10 cm = 4” more) to gain the distance between the LOW and NATURAL waist.


✅ All our SUMMER crochet skirts (hence all patterns for them) are worn at LOW waist because our abdomen is where we sweat when we sit down and I prefer not having an additional crochet layer like a waistband during summer heatwaves ;).

Probably you too :))

If you look for skirts and other garments, there is a temporary 15% discount offer on 45 crochet patterns on Etsy:  




More details about waist, clothes and style:






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