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Knit cable sweater with skull pattern – FREE diagram for Cabled Skull

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I was asked to transfer these details from my older website since my new one is easier to read.

Enjoy! 😉


Since cable pullovers with skull patterns became very popular lately, my son asked me to knit something cool for him :).  Though he never wanted me to create pullovers before (he prefers wearing T-shirts even in winter), now I think he loves the look. And not to forget those 20 girls on Facebook who immediately liked his new avatar :).



For size XXL (the young man is almost 2 m = 6.5” tall) I’ve used 730 gr (25.8 oz) (1425 yards) of 100 % wool.

Yarn weight: DK / 8 ply / 178 m in 100 gr / 195 yards in 3.5 oz.


Suitable examples:


I noted the differences I’ve made in my pullover (comparing to the original by Alexander McQueen) and left some comments about yarn and knitting process in this Ravelry thread:



Detailed DIAGRAM (for the skull in front) that I have used is below.

I’ve knitted the pullover bottom up but with this chart it’s easy to see how to work it top down.

The pattern on both sides from the skull is the same as in his eyes (right side facing: 1 knit, 1 purl; wrong side facing: purl only). Let’s call it “pattern in the eyes”.

For the mentioned size I started FRONT with 14 purl sts, 1 knit between the patterns, 10 sts “cable chains” (1 purl, 8 knit, 1 purl), 1 knit between the patterns, 13 sts of “pattern in the eyes”, then worked skull as shown in the chart and finished the row symmetrically.

1st row in the BACK: 14 purl sts, 1 knit between the patterns, 10 sts “cable chains” (1 purl, 8 knit, 1 purl), 1 knit between the patterns, 12 sts of “pattern in the eyes”, 1 knit between the patterns, then cable pattern in the centre of the back (4 purl, 4 knit, 6 purl, 4 knit, 6 purl, 4 knit, 6 purl, 4 knit, 4 purl = 42 sts totally); finish the row symmetrically.

Note that later in all rows on the right side ”1 knit between the patterns” will be slipped without knitting it. Purl it on the wrong side.

Pattern in the eyes” is worked on the right side as charted; purl all stitches of the pattern on the wrong side.

I’ve not charted the centre of the back and “cable chains” because these patterns seam to be easy – in the main picture you’ll see in what direction you need to cross knit sts.

I kindly ask you not to copy this diagram into your blog or sell it – just give the following link: Free Diagram for Cabled Skull

Thank you for understanding!

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Knitting symbols:


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Please Share With Your Friends. Thank You!
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