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TIMES wrap: FREE crochet pattern

Please share with your friends! Thank you!


It’s time for another FREE PATTERN that I named TIMES :).

Today it will be wrap that I have created with the same stitch-pattern that I’ve seen on in 2012 or 2013. They have used this simple stitch in bust-part of a lacy dress. The peasant style looks quite adorable on free spirited young slim girls, but we know that it’s hard to find clothes that would not look gorgeous on them :)). If you need any help on how to make this dress I suggest to visit this free Russian forum where crocheters explain how they made this dress in 2014 (press here). Auto-translation helps to understand any language :).

Below you will find my FREE written instructions and chart for crocheting the wrap shown above. This pattern is easily memorized and quick to crochet while watching TV because it consists of the same 3-row repeat.  
I’m going to add step-by-step photos this month – please return to my blog in a few days if you need them.


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SIZE of the sample shown: 31 cm x 130 cm = 12” x 51”.

Instructions for adjusting the size are below.


STITCHES and ABBREVIATIONS (in American crochet terms):

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

st (s) – stitch (es)

*  – repeat stitches from * to *

YARN: For this accessory I have used 3 balls = 476 yards of my favorite Filati Fantasia Linsilk (59 % linen, 35 % rayon, 6 % silk); DK-weight / 8 ply / 290 m in 100 gr / 317 yards in 3.5 oz. You can use linen or cotton with addition of rayon (or silk, bamboo, tencel, soya), for example, FortunaBella LinoFireflyAmbre. Or take wool or wool/acrylic for a warm version.


HOOK: 3 mm (C or D in the USA) for the main pattern; 2 mm for the edging.

GAUGE: 20 dc by 9 rows = 10 x 10 cm = 4” x 4”. Although gauge is not critical here, your finished size will be affected by any differences. Note that rayon, bamboo, tencel and soya are very stretchy yarns. The resulting size of your scarf/wrap will depend on chosen yarn and hook.


OPTIONAL lining: fabric in a contrasting color (blue in the sample shown), in the same size as your scarf.

Shown here in blue-brown color palette, the piece will create a fashionable and contemporary urban look.

Copyright © 2021 All rights reserved.

Any reprinting, transmitting, reproducing, publishing or otherwise using for commercial purposes parts of this tutorial and photos is strictly prohibited without my prior written permission. You may give this link to promote this free crochet pattern: 

Only your completed work (crochet scarf/wrap) belongs to you – feel free to sell it, give as a gift as many times as you wish. Feel free to share photos of your finished cowl(s) here or add to your Ravelry list 

Please do not claim this crochet pattern as your own!  



  • Try not to tighten foundation chain or use a bigger hook for it.
  • When ending rows insert hook into top chain in the beginning of previous row (pierce this ch).
  • When crocheting in 2-ch, 3-ch or in 4-ch, you will be doing a crochet stitch into the chain space.
  • Both sides of the main pattern are equally attractive.

Chain 73 – the number of sts is a multiple of 4 plus 1.

How to change the width:

if you need to widen your scarf add a multiple of 4 sts; for decreasing the width omit a multiple of 4 sts.

Diagram below shows fragment of this stitch-pattern worked across 25 chains.

Row 1: 3 ch (count as 1st dc), 1 dc in 5th ch, 1 dc in each next ch across the row, turn (count 73 dc).

Row 2: 6 ch, skip first 4 dc, *work 1 dc in next dc, 3 ch, skip 3 dc*, repeat from * across the row, work 1 dc in 3rd ch in the beginning of previous row, turn (count 18 spaces between dc-sts).

Row 3: 4 ch, 3 dc in 1st dc, *1 sc in next dc, 4 ch, 3 dc in sc just made*, repeat from * across the row, work 1 sc in last dc, 4 ch, 3 dc in sc just made, 1 sc into 3rd ch in the beginning of previous row, turn (count 18  3-dc-groups).

Row 4: 5 ch, *skip 3 dc, work 1 dc in 4-ch, 2 ch, 1 dc in the same 4-ch*, repeat from * 17 times totally, skip last 3 dc, work 2 ch, 1 dc into 3rd ch in the beginning of previous row, turn.

Row 5: 6 ch, skip (1st dc, first 2 ch, 1 dc), *work 1 dc in 2-ch, 3 ch, skip 2 dc*, repeat from * across the row, skip last dc, work 1 dc into 4th ch in the beginning of previous row, turn (count 18 spaces between dc-sts).


Repeat rows 3-5 until reaching 130 cm = 51” or repeat rows 3-5 to the desired length.

Last row (after a row that equals row 5) : 3 ch, *3 dc in 3-ch, 1 dc in 1 dc*, repeat from * to last 6 ch, work 3 dc in 3-ch after last dc, 1 dc into 3rd ch in the beginning of previous row (count 73 dc).


Crochet Edging with a smaller hook for a neater look (2 mm in the sample shown).

Start from last st made. Work one row of sc-sts across both short and long sides of your project, finish with slip st into first sc.

In both short sides work 1 sc into each dc.

In both long sides work 3 sc into edge-stitches in each row (you can work 2 sc in first and last rows with dc-sts).

Note: If you prefer to use the same hook for edging as for the wrap you may work 2 sc into edge-stitches in each row in both long sides.

Wash and block.

I’m planning to add a printable version of this crochet pattern in a few days. Come back here if you need it :).

Diagram for this stitch pattern (higher resolution of this diagram will be available in the printable PDF):


Please Share With Your Friends. Thank You!
Feel free to upload photos of your
completed project with this pattern here: .
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