Please Share With Your Friends. Thank You!

Happy Holidays!

Please share with your friends! Thank you!


This year has brought us new experiences, some might be positive, while some could be a little tough on us, but nevertheless we try to be optimistic about our future! It’s great that many people have found relaxation in crafts and created beautiful things during both lockdowns. I guess we are well-prepared for 2021 :)).

Thank you very much for being Conceptcreative-subscriber! Just for you I have added this 19-min. video of how to crochet my New Year’s necklace. Hope you can use it as your last minute gift. Please follow this link and written instructions and photos at

I’m very thankful to all my testers and all crafters who actively shared their creations on social networks, Ravelry and on – they have received at least one of my patterns for free. And if you have finished some of garments and would love to inspire others please feel free to upload them there too, it’s easy ;): 

Will be really happy to see them!  

This is the first year when I could not work alone in my home office because I gave it to my partner, who was teaching classes. I’ve briefly mentioned it on Instagram that living/dining room was my “new” office this year and it was extremely difficult to concentrate. Alas, my sleeping and sport rooms are absolutely not suitable for designing :). So, whenever I had free time and could concentrate at home I have updated my older tutorials to my new writing style. Or used my earlier designs as a base for new projects with similar stitches. Hence, several of my 2020-designs are remakes and adaptations from my older designs, such as

New Years Dress Kids  is a mini-version of my New Years Dress

Sinequanon Dress was made with a thicker yarn and different sleeves/collar after my favorite Origami Sweater Heuristic that I gave away to my friend last winter.

Calluna-Bodysuit  and Calluna Mini Dress or Tunic use stitches from Cardigan Renaissance

Colorful Detour Sweater was made with a thicker yarn after my last year’s  Detour sweater

Skirt Iteration is an adaptation of my dress Garnet

My real enjoinment were 3 corner to corner Tunic, Top and Dress, where I have calculated, drawn and described trapezoids for different widths and lengths and they worked perfectly! Even though the idea came to me a few years ago after I have published  Asymmetric Skirt Serpentine, the edges and decreases in skirt were different. Pure math, you know :). But that was in summer when my partner was not teaching :).

I thought of creating a warm sweater using beautiful curvy-lines from my Futuristic dress and removing transparent leaves in the yoke – my thin “frame” badly needs warmth in winter garments because I always feel cold and sneeze every now an then :). Open-Shoulder, Off-the-Shoulder or Open-Back Sweaters will kill me within a few winter days, I’m pretty sure :)). Actually warm sweaters [and now my new sweater-dress] are things I wear more often than any other handmade garments. Just drop me a line if you would like to test such a wool sweater when it’s finished [with the link to your Ravelry-account or social networks so I can see your previous completed tests]. Thank you!

And if you would like to make a few of my sweaters/cardigans and recognize them in cookies above use a code CHRISTMAS20 till the end of 2020 – it saves you 20% from their price.

What else has this year taught me?

I have realized that it became rather hard to maintain all social networks and create new patterns. I can either do designing [which is creating, charting, writing, testing, taking pictures and editing them], a little bit blogging about my designs or preparing Instagram-posts. I know, things would be easier if I’d create a team of crafters who would jump on every pattern [and there are a few who do, but it’s just not enough :)].

Will see whether things change in 2021 :).

Wish you all the best in the coming year and happy crafting!

Stay safe!


Please Share With Your Friends. Thank You!
Feel free to upload photos of your
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